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Delicatessen THESSALONIKI KONSTANTINIDI - Iglezi MARIA & Co. Production, processing , packaging meats and meat trade . Traditional sausages . You will find us at PENTALOFOU Thessaloniki . Priority and main concern of our business is the quality of raw materials and of course the safety of the consumer, and environmental protection . Our products are manufactured and packaged by high tech machinery (equipment last generation) in optimum conditions of health protection in accordance with EU specifications But this alone would not say many things if not coupled with love for our work and passion of all employees to offer high quality products. Our products are exactly as you want, delicious kreatodimiourgies for casual table, a celebration of a feast together and enjoy our unique vegetables . All our products are made ​​from excellent and tender meat which together with a combination of traditional flavors and traditional fragrances, create unique flavors. The carefully selected spices and seasonings added to our product line , give a unique identity to the products making them unbeatable in the market. On a daily basis is checked during the whole of their production process as well made ​​, quality checks at regular intervals by specialized microbiological laboratories in order to ensure the quality and hygiene products.